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We at Paper Stone Scissors love creativity, design and any other form of expressivity. After the end of the latest edition of our Now&Them, we were in need for some artistic inspiration, so we checked out what’s going on in Shanghai right now. If you’re a lover of the arts, this fall, the city will tempt you with a wide range of events scattered around Shanghai. There are always too many to sift through, so we’ve done our research and are sharing our favourites with you.

Andy Warhol’s Shadows (Yuz Museum): If you love mysterious and pop art, you’ll be happy to find out that an Andy Warhol exhibition will be in Shanghai for the next few months – a first for Asia! The exposition will surprise you and will drag you through the ups and downs of positive and negative sensations. More details here.

Masterpieces from the Centre Pompidou (Shanghai Exhibition Centre): At this exhibition, you’ll have the chance to discover different masterpieces, such as installations, paintings, drawings, photographs and films, dating back to 20th Century France . Also available to attend are talks, conferences, screenings, educational programs and family tours. More details here.

Shanghai Biennale 2016 (Power Station of Art): An ensemble of well-renowned artists from all over the world are starring at the 11th Shanghai Biennale – themed “Why not ask again”. It will make you question and wonder about the thousands of pieces of art you’ll see. More details here.

Felix Gonzalez-Torres (Rockbund Art Museum): On the same line of artistic wonders, we highly recommend to visit Felix Gonzalez-Torres’ first exhibition in China. It will give you an understanding of his personal daily life that he magically transformed into art. More details here.

Blue Man Group World Tour (SAIC-Shanghai Culture Square): Last, but not least…If you love shows and spectacles, you definitely have to attend one of Blue Man Group’s performances. We experienced this multi-sensory show in London but would never get tired of it! Let yourself be transported by a mixture of exhibitions, which will surprise (and shock) you minute by minute. More details here.

We’ve got your covered for the rest of the year – it is going to be two months of creative expression that you will love! Enjoy yourselves.