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Paper Stone Scissors is thrilled to announce that our creative director and founding partner Atia Cader has been invited to join the jury of D&AD Awards.

For those who are not familiar, D&AD (Design and Art Direction) is a British educational charity, founded by a group of designers & art directors that celebrates and nurtures work in designing and advertising industry.

Three kinds of awards are the much desired prizes: the Yellow Pencil – also known as gold award, the Black Pencil, and the Graphite pencil.

It doesn’t really matter, in the end, which one of them you get; they are all recognized in the world as symbols of professional & artistic high achievement and open the doors to young people, ensuring them a future in the avant-guard world of design and artsy expression.

Atia is looking forward to flying to London in April and actively taking part to the most respected design and advertising event in the world.

We are excited almost as if we were to accompany her on this adventure! We promise to keep you posted with the latest curiosities and insights, after the event has happened.