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ONLY is one of China’s retail powerhouses, with over 2,000 stores and a loyal CRM membership of millions. Since commencing our journey into the brand’s exciting world, in 2009, our goal has been to maintain its position at the forefront of this dynamic and social market. Over the years, we have curated ONLY’s campaigns and printed collateral, as well as the brand’s social media channels.

Our own Sam Austen has been one of the leading designers on the job and had contributed to its successes. We thought it might be interesting to directly hear from her about the experience with ONLY and, why not, maybe learn from it!

Gioia: How long have you been working with ONLY?

Sam: I have been working with ONLY local team in Beijing for 8 thrilling years. Through this period we have achieved many milestones that helped build the brand image and equity throughout China.

Gioia: What is the aspect you enjoy the most when working with ONLY?

Sam: Constantly immersing ourselves into new trends, the habits and psyche of the evolving retail landscape and millennial consumer. We aim to SURPRISE, always! Open the consumers’ eyes to inspiration, travel and discover a world of fun! We are a very global and collaborative team bringing together different expertise. Working closely with the local team strengthens our approach and positive results for the brand.

Gioia: What’s the importance of social media for ONLY?

Sam: Social media provides huge opportunities for ONLY to deepen the relationship with its digitally native consumers. The brand’s mission is to inspire conversations by creating a world of discovery, fun, and creativity where both ONLY and its consumers can express themselves and share experiences. It allows to create a deep and personal connection between the brand and its customers, and builds a loyal ONLY community.

Gioia: What do you think is the most important aspect of the relationship between a brand and social media?

Sam: Be unique and relevant by creating more personalised, memorable and richer experiences. The most important brands in the world, the ones we fall in love with and follow on a daily basis, make us feel something. They understand their community, listen, engage in conversation and break down the barriers, online as well as offline.

Gioia: What excites you the most? What opportunities do you think brands have in social media?

Sam: Inspiring collaborations, creating real time experiences and living in a time of endless possibilities! We now live in a world where it’s integral to be relevant, inspire and surprise in order to make closer connections. The future of brands lies on their ability to create uniqueness in self expression and authentic experiences both online and offline. Such exciting times!

Gioia Orsenigo, Editor