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As we’ve already hinted in some of our news channels, our Creative Director and Founding Partner, Atia Cader was invited to D&AD awards in London to be part of the Graphic Design Jury (more info here).

To keep us all in the loop, she took over the Paper Stone Scissors’ Instagram account. Through daily posts with pictures, we followed Atia throughout London and caught up on her artsy vibes and design adventures.

We followed posts about beautiful pieces of art she found along the way at the Design Museum and Saatchi Gallery and we also got some snippets from the awards themselves.

We witnessed the speeches of Anna Higgs and Stefan Seigmeinster and got to know the jury behind the event. Atia even shared her proud moment of seeing one of our own pieces – the personal book of Victor Majzner which was also submitted for an award.

What did we learn from our Instagram takeover experience… well, we confirmed that being social today is one of the most important ways to do engage with people! It also increases followers by keeping them engaged and entertained.

If you’re a curious one, check out all the posts at our Instagram account:

Gioia Orsenigo, Editor