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Looking back to April, Coco Cafe was definitely the it-topic in town. Given the long line outside the café, as well as the photo exposure on social media, it’s evident that it wasn’t just about a cup of coffee. The same goes for Coco Chanel; the company certainly doesn’t want to change its fashion business to a café. Using this pop-up store was only an excuse to promote the new lip gloss – Rouge Coco Gloss.

A successful pop-up store does not only create a pop, but gets a lot of buzz around which leads to the ultimate publicity. These temporary spaces don’t have a certain format or certain sell goal. We envisioned this by witnessing other brands’ projects, such as YSL’s Yacht, Kenzo’s Coffee Cart, J.M.Weston’s Cinema, or New Balance’s Convenience Store. Even though, deep down, the main purpose is to launch a new product line or limited edition, more focus is on providing fun and a life experience. If your brand is captured by KOLs’ camera and posted on to social media, it means your creative idea has been successful.

For the launch of the pop-up store, Chanel created the official hashtag #ILOVECOCO# which reached over 200 million reads and was featured in 1.2 million discussions (excluding the random hashtag fans created or the posts without any hashtag).

People lined up for hours just to get into the store and take pictures of every detail they could run into. The brand prepared a “Nail Photo Cam”, the lipstick neon backdrop, perfume desserts in the freezer, cookies in accessories shapes, and lips-like lollipops, without even mentioning the stickers and coffee cups. Every single detail was made for your selfie and posh poses.

I wonder what the next hot place will be. What will be inspiring the new selfies? Maybe, a branded toilet placed in the middle of a square!

Tina Xu, Senior Account Manager


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