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It’s kind of a well-known fact that the fashion world, especially the luxury goods industry, moved at a snail’s pace to get on social media. It’s been a challenging process for these prestigious maisons to finally understand that embracing these channels is to their benefit. It is becoming more and more imperative to start shifting their thinking towards social-focused strategies.

That’s exactly what Gucci did. The Italian fashion house has been literally spacing out. For its latest Fall/Winter campaign, “Gucci and Beyond”, the brand has well and truly gone with the belief that the sky’s the limit, by casting models of the extraterrestrial sort from another galaxy. The millennial-targeted campaign follows a meme project called #TFWGucci (That Feeling When Gucci, for those not fluent in meme-slang), created to launch the new watch collection. What lays behind this project is the desire to engage with a wider creative community than that which traditionally locates around the world of fashion.

If you don’t check your Instagram every day and tag your friends in at least one lol-worthy meme, are you even a millennial? Though, let’s be honest, memes are hilarious at any age.

Yes, this is advertising. Yes, Gucci is trying to sell you something, but this new way of layering content across platforms is innovative and fascinating. This shows that even users who follow prestigious luxury goods accounts have a sense of humor. People enjoy a good laugh as well as beautiful imagery. This is precisely why the Gucci watches meme campaign seems to have resonated with their audience. As long as the content remains on-brand, it proves that experimenting with new concepts and developing content strategies that are Insta-specific is just smart marketing. Plain and simple.

Indeed, this is not the first time a fashion house has collaborated with artists. Designers have always paired with illustrators, artists, and photographers.

For instance, few weeks ago Louis Vuitton partnered with American artist Jeff Koons, on a collection of handbags representing classic paintings by Da Vinci, Peter Paul Rubens, Van Gogh and Titian. The launch of the collection was celebrated with an exceptional dinner placed right next to the MonnaLisa at the Louvre Museum. Needless to say the event was documented through pictures posted on Instagram. The collaboration has been met with disagreement on Louis Vuitton’s social media channels, while on the other hand has been praised by Koons fans.

With the social media era, the parameter to judge the masses’ appreciation is not just based on sale statistics (including authentic products as well as counterfeit), but also on the engagement with followers and the way they perceive the brand.

In conclusion, when these partnerships are done well, they stick out in the public consciousness for all the right reasons and live on forever as some of the most influential examples of fashion history.

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