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Key Opinion Leaders are a serious business in China now. It is said that a KOL can have bigger influence and earn more than a celebrity. We have been looking at some successful ones and want to share some tips today.

Starting to get in the loop is even easier than you thought.

#1. Selfies

Take very clear selfies. People follow you because they want to see YOU and your life. Taking a good selfie requires nothing easier than a studio; however, you can always find the right lightings, spots and angles wherever you are. Don’t worry about the make up, photoshop was invented for that, right? Poses are all you need to think of. For example, if you want to be sexy, swinging hair is the way. Below are the DOs and DON’Ts.

#2. Consistency

Your account speaks for you. Therefore, your self-positioning is very critical. You may say you have multiple personalities and that is totally fine, but keep your social account very consistent, unless your account is called “Split” and shows a different character every hour. If you want to express your interests and culinary opinions, take food pictures all the time. Like, every meal. You may eat the same kind of cereals for breakfast every day, but remember that you can smartly change the shots by using, for examples, different bowls, spoons, or table cloths. What  most matters is that you need to believe that every post is a fresh one. (Reference “今天长这样”)

#3. Share your locations, common interests

To increase the possibility of being found in common spots, pin your location at any time. In this case, it’s not a matter of quality, but of quantity. If your name appears often, you will be naturally remembered. This is exactly like advertising. If you see the same brand’s name every day scattered around the city, in different visuals, you will, inevitably, remember it. You probably won’t know the slogan or message that goes along with it, but, trust me, it’s in your mind already.

#4. Engaging captions

You need to give people a reason to follow you other than beautiful appearance. A good, crafted caption can make people engaged. Data shows that conversational captions drive more comments and sharings. There are millions of way saying “I am happy”, so, choose wisely how you put it into words. Also a emoji can be used as an expression, but it won’t make people want to leave you a message. I had a friend that used to post a selfie everyday. Nothing really changed from one picture to another, but her caption game was strong. And, overall, it was emotional.

#5. Don’t stop taking photos

Seriously. Don’t. If you want to be consistent, which you should, you constantly need to post, so people won’t forget you. It doesn’t really matter what. Just post. If you are not so sure whether an image is going to capture your true essence, press the camera trigger until your memory is full. Take every vacation as a precious photo shooting opportunity. Most importantly, save some of the pictures and post them half year later. You can even opt for the #TBT (nobody really cares whether it’s really Thursday or not).

All this said, I’m not a KOL myself, so I am not too sure these tips can really help you out on your rise to fame, but I might try it on my own. So, we’ll see!

Olivia Yuan, Senior Account Manager

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