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As often heard, in 2017, most of the political, biological, and economical obstacles to women have been overcome and we have reached equality between genders now more than ever. Nonetheless, this can’t be applied to all the industries: within the design realm, numbers are still unbalanced and men’s presence still prevails over women’s one.

The creative director is the true heart of a communication agency, the one who understands consumers’ needs and explores good ideas to transform them in great practice.

According to a marketing agency focused on helping brands’ connection with mothers, the 80% of the consumer spending is controlled by females, who are the ones mostly deciding for the households; while, only the 11% of creative directors in the world are women. The result is that a lot of ladies don’t understand why a guy should choose what they like. They wonder how can boys get what girls want. In the end, that’s the universal question that no man will ever be able to give, right?

These data come as almost shocking; however, if we think about the most famous creative directors, the ones who are worldwide remembered and considered to be geniuses, we relate to people such as John Webster and his creation of some of the most famous campaigns of his period, like Cadbury’s Smash Martians, The Gertcha campaign for Courage Beer or Lee Clow and his I’m a Mac and Energizer’s bunny. Do you remember “Only Dove is one-quarter moisturizing cream” campaign? David Ogilvy for Dove.

Assessed the minority of female figures in the creative directors’ positions realm, we can try and give a reason to the fact. Most people think that, de facto, this kind of job needs the responsible to be 100% in it. Therefore, women who want to have a family and take care of their husbands and kids aren’t really the best fit. Perhaps, this was right once ago; nowadays a lot of females have hardworking jobs and we can finally say that this numbers are changing and getting better.

A good example could be the data related to our Paper Stone Scissors. Despite having been engaging different genders, we could say that it is more of a women-driven-agency, as the majority of our team is formed by ladies, both in Shanghai and Melbourne. Don’t get me wrong, we don’t prefer pink over blue and all of our gentlemen are inspiring and smart people, we just got to this result by chance and we are now proud of it. As a matter of fact we are happy to say that three out of four of our brilliant creative directors are running around in high heels to get work done. Their gender never influences the balance between their jobs and houses and they are hard workers despite the presence of families. They are all passionate about their workplace and are all raising strong young girls who will, hopefully, contribute to the industry with some new ideas and great skills!

Gioia Orsenigo, Editor